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How Lucky is That?

Have you ever stopped to ponder just how lucky you are

Or even thought to consider why you even made it this far

Well you might find it comforting to realize the fact

It’s what you tell yourself is really where it’s at.


The more you tell yourself you’re lucky to be who you are

Then you can pursue your dreams and your luck might take you far

Or you can remind yourself of the mistakes you have made in life

And perhaps you’ll think that is why you deserve a little strife


But you will soon come to know, the mistakes you’ve made along the way

Are just a small portion of the price you have to pay

So you have to tell yourself, you’re lucky to be where you’re at

And If you do, then you will know it’s true, How lucky is that?


When you get to make a living doing what you love

And the country that you live in fits you like a glove

You are blessed beyond belief to realize the fact

You just have to remind yourself, How lucky is that?


Kirk Gentry

Cowboy Poet and Philosopher, Professional Degree in B.S.

Kirk and his family own the Gentry River Ranch and the North Forty Resort in Columbia Falls, Montana. He has been lucky enough to make a living sharing Montana as an outfitter and a guest ranch owner for 24 years.

Kirk has entertained guests with his Cowboy poetry for 14 years at Spotted Bear Ranch and other local guest Ranches. He also has been performing at the Flathead County Fair the last 5 years. Other venues he has performed for recently include:

Bar W Guest Ranch, Whitefish, Montana 2016

O’Shaughnessy Center, Whitefish, Montana 2016

Montana County Commissioners Convention, Kalispell, MT 2015

Air Stream Convention in Kalispell 2016

Vincent Arroyo Winery in Sonoma, California 2015

Elko Poetry Gathering in Elko, Nevada 2011

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